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This is a hidden gem and well worth the experience. Food is highly seasoned and hits your palate in all the right places. From tart, to sweet to spicy with a zip each dish takes you to on a journey. Eating with your fingers makes the food taste even even sweeter. Owner and his staff are friendly and helpful at explaining menu items which is an added plus.
Allezmoy Thomas Bourque
Happy Customer
Everything was so flavorful! My friend and I shared the veggie combo for two. ⚡️Will be back. 🖤🤘
Karen Elizondo
Happy Customer
The Vegetarian combo plate allowed us to sample many different items. We got the meal for 2 and it was AMAZING and so delicious! It was $30 total ($15/person) but we were full and had a ton of leftovers, enough for several more meals. I'm definitely coming back here again! 🙂
Tara Elsa
Happy Customer, Local Guide
Nice, family-run, Ethiopian restaurant with authentic and delicious dishes in the heart of Santa Rosa. Always a pleasure to come back and try the various stews - from beef, lamb and chicken to many vegetarian options. Good stuff!
Stefan Merkl
Happy Customer
Really wonderful restaurant. Having never been to Ethiopia I have no idea whether or not it's authentic, but it feels like the kind of place that would be authentic. I love the venue, small and cosy, it's like you're relaxing in somebodies house. The staff are friendly and full of smiles. The food is wonderful, affordable and different than anything I've ever had before. Great place for a foodie to explore. Everything we've had has been excellent, up to and including the beef tartare, don't be afraid of it. Hoping I'll get to come back here soon.
Ryan Payne
Happy Customer
Imagine if you will, walking into a restaurant and being instantly transported to a sensory journey to a little gem in Santa Rosa, Abyssinia. The intoxicating smell of African spices welcomes you in. We were promptly greeted with big smiles and a friendly disposition. The restaurant was full of many happy looking people who were all enjoying their food and all in cheerful conversation. We were sat at a nice table and looked over our menus options. Looking over the menu the choice was obvious. We chose the Wodi special for two. (See attached photo) Lamb ,minced beef,and chicken each with their own set of flavorful savory spices. With cabbage and collard greens for some buttery veggies all placed on their Injera bread which can be used to eat with as well. The entree came with a nice refreshing salad and we were both pleasantly satisfied and didn’t feel over full. The experience a perfect way to enjoy your night I encourage you to come enjoy some of the edible joys of life
William Eraklidis
Happy Customer
Very friendly service and accommodating! Got the vegetarian combo and it was very good. Quantities were quite large when got for 2. It is well designed for 2 very hungry peeps :).
Shiki Dixit
Local Guide
My first time eating Ethiopian food and it was not a disappointment! Incredible flavors and a great experience overall. Would highly recommend! The options for vegans are also amazing. Vegetarian options: They have a whole menu of vegetarian/vegan options
Kiam Jamrog-McQuaid
Customer, Local Guide
Good place for Ethiopian food in Santa Rosa. They were running out of injiras when we went there but they accommodated us. Vegetarian options: They have a whole menu of vegetarian/vegan options
Kaustubh Kagalkar
Customer, Local Guide
I got the veggie combo for takeout and it was so delicious!! I didn’t eat it until an hour or so after and the injera and food held up super well. Great and speedy service! And it came with lots of injera which was absolutely amazing!
Mackenzie Mathewson
Customer, Local Guide
Great little place! Food was excellent, service was spot on with a smile. Our first time here. Plan to come back again and recommend it to all our friends.
Shotokan Karate Leadership School Sensei Callahan
Don’t let the simple settings of plain tables and paper napkins because the food is not only authentic but outstanding flavors. We just pigged out and managed to get a food spots on our shirts which is always a good sign of enjoying the food. Super friendly waiter and a nice family run operation. We got the mixed meat and veg platter that you eat with scooping up with the soft spongy bread accompanying the food. If you a fork and spoon you can ask for one.
J K (SFJoe)
Customer, Local Guide
I don’t know how to start this, I’m quite flabbergasted. My wife went into labor halfway through the lentils, I hope they were lentils…We really love the plate and recommend folding it into a burrito for a surprise. The Pacífico was very nicely hand crafted ! With food this amazing, even a subtle vacuum in the kitchen cannot ruin your night. I can’t believe that all the food is home grown! Even the plates were homemade straight from their garden it really shows a true passion for their craft! Our fourth child will tag along for our next venture to Abyssinia. Toodles til next time, we’ll be trotting through soon❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Super friendly waiter and a nice family run operation. We got the mixed meat and veg platter that you eat with scooping up with the soft spongy bread accompanying the food. If you a fork and spoon you can ask for one.
Brad T
Customer, Local Guide
This is a small place tucked in near downtown. There is a distinct smell of spices as you enter the restaurant that reminds you of Indian cuisine also. Very nice and pleasant staff. They give you plenty of time to read over the menu and explain the choices. Once the food arrives, you can enjoy your food without them interrupting frequently although available if you need. The food is nicely presented. Plenty of food for one person. Very tasty and flavorful. My wife and I couldn't finish our dishes and had plenty to take home for one more meal. We will come again and probably become frequent customers.
Praful Patel
Happy Customer
Absolutely delicious food. I am so grateful a gem like this exists in the North Bay. We got the veggie combo plate and Samusas. Both 10/10.
Olivia Glinski
Happy Customer
The sambusa was absolutely delicious. The vegetarian platter was good, but portions were a little small. Value for money was overall, good. Service was excellent. Vegetarian options: Vegetarian platter and sambusas.
Christiana Drachen
Happy Customer
The food was amazing. As a visitor That’s vegan it’s a blessing to have found this amazing place. I heard folks drive for miles to come. I believe it’s worth it! Vegetarian options: Vegetarian platter and sambusas.
Ally Cohen
Happy Customer
My work buddy took me here. She’s been living in Santa Rosa for some time and had been telling me about Abyssinia for weeeeeks. So one day, we stopped by for lunch and it was so worth it! We shared a combo meat plate (I don’t remember what it was called) and it was my first time having Ethiopian food. We each got a honey wine to go with our food and it was so good! Sweet, but not too sweet. The food was so saucy and fragrant and jam packed with flavor. The meats were yummy and marinated to perfection. Even the veggie portions were so flavorful! I definitely want to try the veggie combo platter next time. The food is served over this spongy carb thing and you basically eat with your hands and grab. By the end of it, we were so full we could barely walk out of there. My hands smelled yummy for hours after - the flavor and aromas stick... which could be good or bad depending on what you gotta do after. Will be back!
Happy Customer, Local Guide
Wow! Highly, highly recommend! Server was super kind and food was incredible! I ordered the veggie platter and each item was authentically flavorful and each in a different way.
Jaclyn Lapenta
Happy Customer, Local Guide
Food was so good. In the combos we had some dishes that weren't the best, but from it we tried about 4-5 dishes we really liked!!!! Don't miss out!
Roberto C. Castro
Happy Customer, Local Guide

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